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Ragdoll cat breeder & cattery since 1999. All our ragdolls are registered with The International Cat Association,(TICA) and Cat Fanciers Association,(CFA). We are a small Ragdoll cattery, located in central Florida. All our kittens are raised with kids, dogs and lots of love!

Harmon's Ragdoll Cats and Ragdoll Kittens of Central Florida

We love having kittens around the house. We have kept our cattery small so our cats are never caged. They are socialized and raised with kids, dogs and lots of love. Although we are located in Central Florida, we will ship kittens under safe circumstances.

Certification of Our Cats:
All our ragdolls are registered with The International Cat Association,(TICA) and Cat Fanciers Association,(CFA). The TICA registration and a copy of the parents 5 generation pedigree will be given upon proof of your kitten being spayed or neutered. CFA registration can also be acquired.

Ragdolls do not seem to have the same fear or survival instincts of other cat breeds. They were meant to be strictly indoor, pampered companions.

Price of Kittens and Health Guarantee:
Kittens are available for placement at nine to ten weeks. By this age, they have their first shots and all required tests and vaccines to insure good health and attain a State of Florida health certificate. There is a two year health guarantee written into our contract.

Although I believe many of our Ragdoll kittens are of 'show quality'. They are all equally wonderful and valued. All our kittens are sold at the same price of $675.00.

When you discover the love and joy Ragdoll kittens can bring to your home, you may decide you want a second kitten. It is wonderful to watch them play and interact. It also gives peace of mind to know they will not be lonely while you are away from home. To make the decision easier, a $100.00 discount is given for buying a second Ragdoll kitten.

Patterns and Colors:
Ragdoll cats are born white, with their patterns and colors starting to develop at one to two weeks of age. A Ragdoll catís full color is not reached until approximately three years.

When the breed was first introduce by Ann Baker it consisted of three distinct color patterns. After many years of careful breeding, it has expanded to include six different colors; seal, chocolate, lilac, cream and red. There are now several distinct patterns.

Colorpoint: Color on their face, ears, paws, nose and tail. No white.

Mitted: Color on the face, ears, nose and tail (as with a color-point), but with white 'mittens' on all four paws.

Bi Color: The face has a white inverted "V". The legs feet and stomach are also white.

Lynx Point: Overlays any of the former patterns with a striped appearance of lighter shades.

Tortie: Overlays any of the other patterns. Usually has cream or red mixed with one of the other colors. Torties are always female.

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Contact Us:
To request more information, a copy of our contract and/or pictures of available kittens, please call 407-492-3431 or click on the link below.